There seems to be a national holiday for just about everything. Whether it is actually celebrated or not, it's fun to bring attention to things that you wouldn't expect would ever get it. One of these being the kazoo, that was actually manufactured here in Upstate New York.

Back in the 1840's, the original kazoo was created by two men in Macon, Georgia. It wasn't until 1912 that the idea of manufacturing the kazoos was brought up to Western New York. Emil Sorg, a traveling salesman, teamed up with Michael McIntyre, a tool maker out of Buffalo, to first begin mass producing the noise makers. McIntyre later joined forces with Harry Richardson, the owner of a metal forming plant in Eden, New York. From then on, the rest is history.

Photo Credit: Amazon
Photo Credit: Amazon

The factory in Eden was established in 1916 is known as the "Original American Kazoo Company". With that being said, it is also the ONLY metal kazoo factory in North America. The factory now currently serves as a museum and gift shop. People can come tour the facilities and learn more how the kazoos were made back in the day. Visitors can see the museums wide assortment of different types of kazoos. Some are wooden, gold, or even shaped like a liquor bottle.

The museum is located at 8703 South Main Street in Eden. They are open every day besides Sunday from 10am-5pm. You can learn more information about the museum at their website or by giving them a call at (716) 992-3960.

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