What better way to celebrate 'National Have Fun at Work Day' than with these simple and great ways to make the day more... interesting.

These are just a few ways you can make your workday more fun today. They're not messy, they won't land you in a disciplinary meeting with your boss, and they won't make your coworkers hate you. Enjoy.

1 - Questions

Whenever someone talks to you, only respond in questions. They ask 'How are you?' You answer with another question like, 'How do you think I am?' Whatever is asked or said, turn it into a question. Every time.

2 - Motivation

Take some paper from the copier and make homemade 'motivational' posters. Make sure they're really, REALLY out there like, 'Don't worry... The end is near,' or 'Stay busy, boss is watching.' Then hang up your beautiful posters around the building.

Naomi Lynn's Motivational Poster
Naomi Lynn/TSM

3 - Pranks

Pull some harmless pranks - keyword harmless. Maybe put a sign on the toaster that says it's new and it's voice activated. Or go old-school and get out the Whoopie Cushion. Something small, but something that will bring a few laughs (except for that guy in the corner office, he's always in a bad mood for some reason).

4 - Meeting

Call an office-wide meeting. Once everyone gets to the conference room (or wherever your workplace may meet), start a presentation of funny, goofy videos. Make it worth everyone's time - like 10 minutes of videos to get everyone cracking up. It may seem like a waste of time but hey, it will lift everyone's spirit for the day.

5 - Notes

Leave ridiculous notes on coworkers desks and work areas. Make sure they don't know it's from you. Maybe something like this:

Notes for Coworkers Around the Office
Naomi Lynn/TSM

Or maybe something like this:

More Notes for Coworkers
Naomi Lynn/TSM


Happy National 'Have Fun at Work Day' - Enjoy the day, have fun, and don't get into too much trouble.




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