Nothing's worse than struggling through work while you're shivering from the cold. Here's a few ways to help you stay warm...

 1 - Layers, Layers, Layers

If you have to wear a uniform at work or certain dress clothes, layering can be a little more difficult, but it's still possible. If you can't throw on a hoodie or sweatshirt layer from underneath. Leggings under pants are always a good technique, and two pairs of socks - That will make a huge difference.

2 - Portable Space Heater

If you're in an office or cubicle, think about getting a portable space heater. They're pretty cheap, and as long as your boss and coworkers don't mind, it's a great way to keep your whole area warm.

3 - Hand-warmers and Boot-warmers

This is for those who work outside or in buildings that are 'open.' If your hands, feet, and head are warm, your body stays pretty warm. Don't forget about your extremities. If you're in an office and you're that cold, you can obviously use this too, but if that's the case you may want to talk to your boss about turning up the heat. It shouldn't be THAT cold in an office or any building, for that matter.

4 - Get Up and Move Around

Best way to warm up? Move around. Even though it's the hardest thing to do when you're cold, getting the blood flowing will help you out. If you're absolutely freezing, move faster. Instead of walking do jumping jacks - That will warm you up real fast.

5 - Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Soup,

Hot foods warm your stomach and in turn, warm you up. Always keep a packet of tea or hot chocolate in your purse or desk. Bring a can of soup to work for lunch, or go out and get something hot (but hot liquids work better than hot food).


Hope these keep you warm especially on those ridiculously cold days. And don't worry, Spring is less than 8 weeks away!




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