Easter is over and the kids are trying to make their Easter basket stretch as far as they can. We have three little ones at home and they devoured at least a third of the candy that the bunny left for them before noon on Sunday.

Remember when you were a kid and there was a lot of talk about the color of various M&M's? Certain dyes used in the making of candy and the color of your favorite sweets was taken off the market and then brought back. Fast forward to 2023 and here we go again. There is word that some of the most popular candy will be gone soon.

The three boys that we have react differently to various colors of food, candy and drinks. Our oldest was getting headaches and would be wound up after having anything red. Even the red cold or flu medicine that he would have would make things worse. It wasn't until my wife put it together that it was the color red that was not agreeing with him.

How much candy did your kids get from the Easter bunny? The bunny has heard that our kids also like toys and games and this Easter was a little more sugar free than most. The were still wound up from the excitement of the big day but it did seem to be a little less energetic around the house than previous years.

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