Sometimes a dog's nose is in charge and does all of thinking.

That was certainly the case for a curious nine-month-old husky in Salmon Creek, Washington who found its head lodged in a cinder block.

Members of Clark County Fire District 6 were called to a home for a rescue situation. When they arrived, they found Skyla struggling to get free from the cinder block.

"Anyone who's ever had a husky knows they are very intelligent and remarkably curious," the department shared on Facebook. "Well, Skyla certainly fits both categories... especially the latter."

After a couple attempts, the firefighters were able to free Skyla with the assistance of the Jaws of Life.

Skyla is doing great and even posed for a photo with the crew from Clark County Fire District 6.

According to KGW News in Portland, a total of three fire departments were called to the scene as Skyla was trapped in her backyard for nearly an hour.

Salmon Creek sits approximately 15 miles north of Portland.

Husky owners are coming to Skyla's defense on social media.

"As a person that has owned huskies for about 20 years, I tend to use two words in coordination, husky and naughty," Jackie Justice commented on a photo from Skyla's rescue.

Brenda Palmer got a glimpse into her future as the owner of a husky mix.

"As the owner of a husky Shepard mix, I'm hoping the Shepard part will keep the husky par from being too curious," she commented.

Sometimes a dog just can't help itself.

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