It's been a busy end of February for Central New York and UFO sightings. Did you see these crazy lights over Utica?

We talked about a UFO sighting over New Hartford on February 25th, but it looks like there was another over Utica on February 24th. We have photos when you keep scrolling, and video after that.

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This sighting was sent to us directly with photos and video.

"On Saturday February 24th 2024 I noticed and started recording at 8:02PM in West Schuyler when taking my dogs out. We live in the country and I looked up seen a weird light shining thru the tree line of my neighbors. I started filming it because I knew I’d be able to zoom in and hopefully see it better. It hovered fairly low for a few minutes not sure how long it was there before I noticed it."

The poster goes on to tell us that she felt nothing and the UFO made zero noise until it finally flew over her and headed towards Utica almost similar to a helicopter:

"I’ve always been able to hear helicopters much further away and I have always been able to identify helicopters and aircraft with a flight radar app that I’ve had for a few years now but nothing came up for this. The app allows you to identify aircraft whether it’s for military, training, or traveling. I’m stumped and with how close it was to my backyard I’d really like to find out any details on what it actually was."

The land is privately owned where it was hovering over. This was also not the first time the reporter saw the same thing:

"I could have swore I seen the same thing over ilion last night at around 11:15 pm while I was driving on route 5 from herkimer but I did not pull over and take any footage. I really wish I would have as I haven’t stopped thinking about both events since"

Here's the photos captured:

UFO Sighting Over Central New York February 24th 2024

It's been a busy end of February for Central New York and UFO sightings. Did you see these crazy lights over Utica?

Gallery Credit: Dave Wheeler

Here's the videos:

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