One couple appeared to have captured a UFO in the skies of New Hartford on February 25th. Did you see this too?

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This sighting was reported on February 25th at about 8:39PM. The couple reported the sighting on the app called Enigma:

We were at the movies at the identified location when there was a rumbling that shook the theatre ceiling. What we then chalked up to be the air conditioner kicking on, now feel this was some type of shaking coming from the outside. Upon exiting, we saw this massive streak through the sky to the right of the moon. It looked like something had fallen from the sky.

Again, around 8:39PM the posting goes on to mention how the couple identified an object flying back up the sky at a high rate of speed:

It did not look like a plane and we recognize the shaking and the sighting could be unrelated, in this instance we feel they might be related."

Here's some photos from the posting:

Photo via Enigma
Photo via Enigma
Enigma ufo
Photo via Enigma

What do you think this sighting was? Did you see anything like this? This author did see this weird streak that night, but thought it dealt with a plane. However, these photos and videos on the Enigma are convincing.

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