New York's hotel history is second to none in the United States.

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Did you know the first hotel in America was founded in New York?

That was The City Hotel, which opened its doors in 1794. Although there were several inns already in operation, a report from The Baltimore Sun confirms the structure was the first building in America to be designated and built as a hotel.

New York is home to some of the oldest locations in the country, such as the oldest bridge and courthouse in America. It also was found to have the oldest forest in the world, which you can find in Cairo.

New York is also famous for this slice of hospitality history - the oldest, continuously running hotel.

History of Beekman Arms

Rhinebeck, NY Gears Up For Chelsea Clinton's Wedding
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Opening up in 1704 in Rhinebeck, NY, as the Traphagen Tavern, The Beekman Arms was born in 1766 and has never stopped welcoming world-weary travelers. Its original, illustrious guest list includes George Washington, Philip Schuyler, Benedict Arnold, and Alexander Hamilton.

It is said the infamous quarrel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton happened on those grounds in 1804, which ultimately ended with Burr killing Hamilton in a duel.

In 1918, the inn underwent renovations to help serve its increasing customer base, such as including a ballroom. The luxurious inn also attracted novelist Thomas Wolfe, who was inspired to write his 1935 novel Of Time and the River after his many retreats to Beekman Arms.

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The hotel also became a popular stop for Franklin Roosevelt during his campaigns for governor and president, where he would conclude each political endeavor by talking on the hotel's front porch.

The hotel was purchased by Charles LaForge in 1958, who is the longest-running owner of the establishment. George Banta Sr. then purchased the place in 2002.

Throughout all this, the hotel boasts, "Few changes have been made to the Beekman Arms' original structure of strong oaken beams and broad plank floors."

Difference Between "Oldest Hotel" and "Oldest, Continuously Running Hotel"

Rhinebeck, NY Rumored To Be Site Of Chelsea Clinton's Wedding
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While other hotels claim the title of being the nation's oldest, Beekman Arms is the only one to have never ceased operations, thus cementing its unique title, per Historic Hotels.

While Concord's Colonial Inn technically opened in 1716 and is by definition the oldest in America, it was first used as a variety store, private residence, boarding house, and a storehouse for the American revolution. In that hotel's history of events page, it says, "1889 - The Inn as we know it today begins operating."

Other old hotels had to be shut down due to fire, a change of ownership, or other instances that prevented them from taking in guests.

So there you have it. New York is officially home to some of the oldest things in America that will truly let you step back in time.

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