With some spring-like weather set for later this week, police are hoping motorcycle enthusiasts resist the urge to go for a ride on two wheels.

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Not a Good Time to Drive

U.S. East Coast Digs Out After Historic Snowstorm
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Images of a motorcyclist driving on Route 20 near Bridgewater went slightly viral over the weekend because it was taken while it was snowing. The photos obviously collected plenty of criticism from the motorcycle community because of how dangerous the situation was.

Motorcycle enthusiasts warn that now is not the time to rev up those Harleys, even if the weather permits.  One of the worst thing you can do for your BMW, Honda or whatever you drive is taking it for a spin while there's still traces of winter on the road.

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The roads are currently considered unstable terrain due to the large amount of sand on the streets, in addition to ice or snow-covered patches that make motorcycle riding especially hazardous.

Progressive Insurance warns:

If snow starts to fall, find a place to stop and wait it out. Traction is already worse when riding a motorcycle in winter, and snow compounds the problem. It also impairs your visibility, making it harder to anticipate and react to hazards on the road.

Sand decreases the tire's ability to grip the road, which increases the odds of losing traction and/or crashing. With a large amount of sand on the road at the moment, motorcyclists are strongly encouraged to not go for a ride until the sweepers have done their jobs.

In addition, motorcycle wheels might not perform as effectively in temperatures below freezing.

Driving a Motorcycle in the Winter

Winter Storm Brings Over 6 Inches Of Snow To Chicago
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There will be motorcyclists who cannot possibly wait for the sweepers to clean the streets before going for a ride. They could understand the risk involved, but there will also be some motorcycle newbies who might not.

Progressive warns that those who choose to ride their motorcycle during the winter should be very familiar with their bike's systems and decrease their speed on the roads due to unreliable traction.

Go slow, do one thing at a time, and pay attention. It’s much easier to avoid having to swerve than it is to keep control of a bike once you’ve made an emergency maneuver. And being predictable makes it easier for other drivers to safely share the road with you.

Motorcyclists (and motorists following a motorcycle) should leave more distance between the vehicles in the front and behind. This ensures that, in the case of a loss of traction, the window to react is long enough to react appropriately.

Motorcyclists should also dress in a way that makes them visible,  like wearing yellow or orange instead of black, which ensures that they can be seen during inclement weather. This also goes for dressing warmly, as driver performance is significantly decreased when chilled.

Motorcycle riders should exercise increased caution when idling at a long stoplight since cold tires have decreased grip.

Warm tires get better grip than cold ones. In warmer temperatures, riding is enough to keep your tires warm and ‘sticky.’ In the winter, they cool down faster. If you end up sitting for a few minutes or wait at a long stoplight, be careful when you start up again because your tires may have cooled enough to affect their performance and traction.


However, one of the most urgent warning is to stop riding when not feeling at 100 percent. In the event of feeling uneasy or tired, motorcyclists are urged to "find a place to take a break."

Kansas v Oklahoma State
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However, motorcycle experts warn that you don't want to get yourself a nasty case of road rash, then stay off that motorcycle until the roads are clean and warm.

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