There's a yoga workshop in Central New York that combines yoga, meditation, tarot readings, and tea.

In Bloom Yoga of New Hartford is hosting "Soulful Synergy Embark on a Journey of Meditation, Tarot, Psychic Insights, and Lotus Tea" on Friday December 8th 2023 at 6PM and running through 9PM. Here's the layout of the night:

1) Guided Meditation

The workshop begins with a guided meditation led by a knowledgeable and calming instructor. The meditation aims to quiet the mind, reduce stress, and create an open and receptive state for the upcoming experiences.

2) Tarot Card Readings

After the meditation, participants are invited to approach the table with the Tarot cards. They can either select their own cards or have cards chosen for them. The Tarot readings are conducted individually, and each participant receives a personalized interpretation of their chosen cards.

3) Psychic Insights

Following the Tarot card readings, a psychic guide or intuitive reader provides additional insights and guidance to each participant. This may involve answering specific questions, offering a broader perspective on life's journey, or unveiling hidden aspects of one's path.

4) Organic Lotus Tea

Throughout the workshop, participants are encouraged to enjoy the organic lotus tea. The tea enhances the spiritual experience.

5) Group Sharing and Discussion

After the individual Tarot card and psychic readings, participants are invited to gather in a circle to share their experiences and insights.

6) Closing Ceremony

The workshop concludes with a closing ceremony, which may include a final meditation or a group blessing to honor the insights gained and the connections formed during the event.

A workshop that combines meditation, Tarot card readings, psychic insights, and organic lotus tea provides a holistic and transformative experience. You can read more and signup online here.

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