If you’ve ever said to a colleague, “let’s circle back on that” or “can’t I pick your brain?” they may not have outwardly eye-rolled you but inside they were no doubt cringing at your use of clichés.

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It doesn’t matter where you work. You could work in a factory or in an office or on a farm. Every single workplace has its own set of ridiculous and way overused clichés and they’ve only gotten worse in the last few years.

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It’s interesting, isn’t it? Instead of just saying what we mean, we toss out gobbledygook as though using it will somehow make us appear more competent or something. Except that it doesn’t. It only makes us appear to be some poor antiquated soul trying desperately to sound hip.

OnePoll and Jive Communications, asked 2,000 American workers what they think are the absolute most cringe-worthy phrases used in the workplace and to no one’s surprise, they let loose on all the things they wish that their colleagues would stop uttering.

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We laughed (and cringed) when we read through the list because it was so relatable and it made us think – maybe if we pointed out the overuse of some of the phrases, we’d stop stepping into so many workplaces in New York and hearing them. It’s worth a shot, right?

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