If you're a smoker in New York this likely the reason and you didn't even know it.

Are you a smoker? How do you feel? If the answer is "not bad" that's great! However if you are experiencing any sort of health problems I think we all know what could be the cause of it.

Personally I am not a smoker. It's never been something that appealed to me. Sure, I'll have the occasional cigar but never cigarettes. To each their own. If you choose to smoke, go for it. It is a free country.

However, if you are smoking I bet you'd be surprised to learn this stat that I just learned.

Lower Incomes are Linked to Higher Cigarette Usage

I am just the messenger here, don't don't shoot me. This is straight from the CDC and their latest report. Not only are people with low incomes likely to smoke more often but they've also created a health burden from smoking and other on unhealthy habits.

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Current tobacco product use prevalence is higher among adults who were uninsured (27.3%), enrolled in Medicaid (28.6%), or had some other public insurance (21.3%) compared to adults with private insurance (16.4%) or Medicare only (12.5%).

Data collected from 2021 shows that New Yorkers who make less smoke far more often than those with higher incomes. They also detailed that it has little do to with education level, race or ethnicity, or current employment status.

The good news is that people are trying to do their best to quit this habit. New York  Smokers Quitline said in 2023 59% of those who contacted them had annual incomes of $30,000 or less. Considering how much cigarettes are on top of doctor visits, that's probably eating up a lot of your spare money - if you even have money to spare.

Smoking Linked To 12 Cancers In New York State

Here are the 12 most common tobacco-related cancers between 2016-2020