An Upstate New York company was busted after a home video showed workers illegally dumping dangerous chemicals.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC) Division of Law Enforcement released its latest "Environmental Conservation Police on Patrol." This report confirmed the president of a water filtration company settled charges related to the illegal spill of chemicals.

Montgomery County: Chlorine and Aluminum Sulfate Spill


The spill happened late last year in Montgomery County, New York on Logtown Road Extension in the town of Glen.

In November 2023, the homeowner arranged for the company to remove leftover chemical products and equipment from their property at the conclusion of a business contract.

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Instead of safely removing the chemicals, two company employees "illegally emptied more than 15 gallons of remaining liquid chlorine and aluminum sulfate into the roadway" just outside the home.


Illegal Chemical Spill Caught On Camera

The homeowner's home security footage caught the employees in the act. The footage also picked audio from the two workers discussing "about potential damage from the spill if it were to drain into a nearby ditch," according to the DEC.

The homeowner contacted DEC to report the spill. DEC ECO Wilson spoke with the homeowner and reviewed evidence at the property.

The officer then went to the unnamed company headquarters and found bags of chemical products at the facility identical to what had been spilled in the roadway, officials say.

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The president of the company failed to report or clean up the oil spill. Officer Wilson issued two tickets for failure to report a spill and putting a noisome or unwholesome substance on a highway.

Upstate New York Company President Pleads Guilty After Chemical Spill

The unnamed president of the company pleaded guilty to one count of failure to report a spill in Glen Town Court after months of legal procedures.

The president also received a $1,500 fine and a $90 surcharge.

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The company faces an additional $1,500 in civil liability to cover the environmental impact costs to remediate the homeowner’s property.

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