Meet Joel and Jackson Yerkie of Oriskany Falls. The twins just turned 7 and received a birthday gift of a lifetime; an invite to Yankee Stadium to sit in the broadcast booth with Joe Buck, Joel's favorite sports caster.

Joel has cerebral palsy, but he's never let that stop him from enjoying sports to the fullest. He's the loudest cheerleader at his brother Jackson's baseball and football games. But it's the sports announcers Joel is obsessed with. "He's always been more focused than most of us are on who is announcing a sporting event, said Joel's dad Josh Yerkie. "When the game initially comes on, he will immediately recite who the announcers are, and if it is Joe Buck, he will literally squeal with delight. Joe has always been his absolute favorite and he begs us to let him stay up late enough to at least watch a few minutes of Joe during the World Series."

Joel soaks up any information about sports and his memory is uncanny. He recently received a book with all the baseball teams in it and their number of championships. "Within maybe a week, he had memorized every team, and how many championships they have," said dad. "We took a video one day of him reciting the number of championships every MLB team has."

Julie then sent the video to Joel's favorite announcer. "She recently discovered Joe Buck has a podcast and thought it might be cool to send in the video to see if maybe Joe would say something about the boys on the podcast," said Josh.

Joe Buck did better than that. He sent two videos to the boys who blew him away. "You know who couldn't do that?" Buck asked. "Me, and I'm the one one TV. I couldn't do that for all the money in the world."

Buck was so impressed he sent a special invite to the twins. "I gotta meet you. We got to meet at Yankee Stadium. You gotta come to the booth."

In the second video Buck thanks the boys for their congratulations on the Hall of Fame. "I have a feeling you'll both be in some Hall of Fame someday."

In closing, Buck gave the twins some advice. "Do your homework. Listen to mommy and be your brother's best friend."

The videos were played for Joel and Jackson during their birthday party this weekend and dad said they've been talking about it every since and wonder what it'll be like to meet Joe Buck. "We really want to express our extreme gratitude towards Joe Buck and his team of people. He went above and beyond and made this extra special for the boys and now we just hope the world returns to normal so we can make it down to Yankee Stadium to see Joe in 2021."

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