Few have successfully resisted the temptation to sing along to "Livin' on a Prayer" at a wedding reception — and the song's original vocalist has proven to be no exception.

After an expensive-looking ceremony in Florida last weekend — and in a moment that has since become a YouTube sensation — Jon Bon Jovi sang along to his band's 1986 Billboard No. 1 hit, which will turn 30 this October.

According to the APthe event's hired singer Lourdes Valentin knew the rock emblem would be a guest at the event, and while she prepared the performance in his honor, she had no idea he would join in (he basically told her he had no interest beforehand). Valentin said she was "very surprised" that he eventually came around and decided to "grace us with his talent."

In the clip above, Valentin starts the performance solo as Bon Jovi looks on from a seat at a stage-facing table. The camera crew zooms in on the the man's smiling face as anxiety very clearly mounts, and when he knows there's no escaping, he finally submits, snatching the mic away from Valentin and joining her in front of the crowd.

Considering he jumped in without having warmed up, it's pretty impressive. YOUR DIGITAL SCRAPBOOK AND BEST-MOMENTS REEL COULD NEVER.

Jon Bon Jovi henceforth respectfully declines invitations to your hallowed matrimony.

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