Bon Jovi's PR announced that Richie Sambora wasn't going to be on tour with the band for "personal reasons," and now we know what those might be.

Apparently Jon Bon Jovi tried to make Sambora go to rehab, and Sambora was all, "No, no, no." Or maybe he used a Vocoder and was just like, "It's my life." Either way, he didn't want to go.

“Jon [Bon Jovi] has been trying to get rid of him. He drinks constantly and has a stream of Hollywood bimbos around all the time,” a source told The New York Post. The paper also noted that Sambora may have relapsed because of lackluster sales of White Trash Beautiful (his clothing line) and his latest solo effort.

Bon Jovi reportedly faced pressure from his wife, Dorothea, to keep their tour dry and drugfree, which didn't fly well with Sambora.

The source added, “He told me that he didn’t believe in rehab. He really is a hard partier, and so are the women he hangs out with.”

Sambora wasn't on Bon Jovi's 2011 tour because he was in rehab, despite not believing in it. Considering it doesn't look like it worked for him, it sounds like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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