With another season of 'X Factor' blessedly in the bag and off our television screens, the search begins for new judges to try and save the sinking ship that is this ratings bust of a show.

And if you liked the messy duet that LeAnn Rimes did a few weeks ago, you're in luck -- you may get her on the show full-time. Meanwhile, Jon Bovi Jovi has given a definitive no.

Simon Cowell is once again on the hunt for celebrity judges as Britney Spears is reportedly set to be fired for not being on the right kind of drugs to bring in those blockbuster ratings for which Cowell had hoped.

Before she was hired, Rimes made it clear she was interested in the gig -- but, an insider said, "Once Britney became the frontrunner, LeAnn didn't have a chance." Now that there may be an empty chair on the judging panel, though, she's again thrown her hat in the ring (likely in full view of the paparazzi).

Things might actually be viable for her this time around too, precisely because her disastrous duet with runner-up Carly Rose Sonenclar garnered headlines. "Believe it or not, Simon [Cowell] loved the controversy with LeAnn," the source tattled. "It got more publicity for the show than Britney did in weeks."

Jon Bon Jovi, on the other hand (who still gets the bulk of his attention as an actual musician instead of as a tabloid magnet), is apparently not interested in replacing outgoing judge L.A. Reid.

Official announcements have yet to be made on who exactly will be on board next year, but sources close to FOX say it was renewed for a third season on the stipulation that production costs be drastically reduced. For example, no more $15 millon salaries like Britney got -- instead, judges will have to settle for a measly $1 to $9 million depending on their prevalence.

Only a million bucks to deal with Simon Cowell, day in and day out? Pass.

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