If you're a fan of the TV show "Survivor" the name Jonny Fairplay should ring a bell. He was the guy who lied about his grandma dying to get an extra edge on the show. Remember now? Well according to TMZ, he's currently in a Virginia hospital visiting his grandmother after he learned she was having real chest pains this time.

Jonny told TMZ:

"My grandmother went to prime care in Danville ... she will be kept at the hospital for overnight observation. She's no longer having the chest pains after they gave her some medication but they're checking to see what happened."

Hopefully his grandmother will be ok and recover soon.

Fairplay pulled off one of the biggest lies in reality TV when he convinced a friend to lie to "Survivor" producers and tell them his grandmother passed away during production. During the challenge on TV He cried and was able to pull in some symphony from fellow castaways. To this day people still call him heartless and mean.

Do you think his scam of lying really helped him get along further in Survivor?

[via TMZ]