Joseph Gordon-Levitt is taking the Jon Hamm route of making headlines through the, uh… noticeable package in his pants.

The 33-year-old actor was spotted in ‘70s gear on the set of his latest movie, ‘To Reach the Clouds,’ which tells the true story of a tightrope artist who attempted to high wire walk between New York City’s World Trade Center towers in 1974. Joseph’s ensemble most notably includes a form-fitting pair of khakis that cling tightly to certain private areas.

The ‘Don Jon’ star may very well be taking his cue from ‘Mad Men’ actor Jon Hamm, who has become somewhat of an internet sensation following his own love for crotch-hugging slacks. Joseph will have to really commit to this new wardrobe style if he has any hope of catching up to Jon’s extensive gallery of package-protruding pics, though!

We're wondering if Joseph’s sudden plunge into the world of revealing pants is a permanent one. Only time will tell... In the meantime, check out the photo of Joseph's revealings pants by clicking the link below!

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