What the what? These two lovebirds are moving at lightning speed!

Not only have Katy Perry and John Mayer reunited (and it feels so good!), but there are now reports circulating that they are moving in together. *Gasp!*

A source told HollyScoop, "Katy and John picked out her new home together. They picked it out for them to start a life together."

While a totally random source may not be reliable, movers were spotted at Katy Perry's mansion about a month ago moving furniture inside. Was she buying new stuff to make her future living quarters a little more dude friendly? Could be!

Ultimately, we are not super shocked by this news... that is, if it's true. Just look at how much Mayer is gushing about, Perry. He told a concert crowd, "This is a long time coming for the both of us and I want to dedicate this next song to my Katy, who is my face to call home." D'awwww.

Usually we'd think moving in together after a breakup is a bad idea, but these two seem to be totally in love. Maybe John realized how much of a doofus he was for giving up Katy after she said she was still in love with him in her Vogue interview.

Katy + John = Luv 4 Eva!