Katy Perry is promoting 'Smurfs 2,' in which she reprised her not-exactly-Oscar-baiting role of Smurfette. As a result, she's been prancing (and speeding in a new Maserati) all around in blue to talk about how she got the gig, and her explanation on 'The Tonight Show' was actually pretty surprising!

Perry, her hair a bit of an artful mess, sported a shapeless leather dress in an otherwise stunning shade of blue for her appearance on Jay Leno's late night series, where she revealed that she neither auditioned nor used her fame to nab the voice of Smurfette.

"I heard that they heard little clips of my voice with several different people and the producers heard it, and they weren't told who the voices were," she revealed. "I think it was from a radio show, because my voice is different when I do Smurfette from when I sing. When I sing, I wake up, I stretch, I do my lotions and potions and crystals and prayers," she joked. "When I do Smurfette, it's a lot more raw and there are a lot more cracks in her voice," she explained. "It's not thoroughly warmed up."

Perry also talked about her new album, which she revealed would be coming out "soon," though she declined to provide any more specifics because she's still working on it. What can we expect from it? "It will continually be what I always do, which is connecting to my core and bringing an honest message that people can relate to," she said. "Honesty is something everyone is looking for."

Wait, so how does that explain songs like 'Peacock?' Actually, we don't want to know. You do you, Katy.

Watch Katy Perry on 'The Tonight Show' With Jay Leno Part 2

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