I'm sure you have your favorite spots that we don't have in the Utica/Rome area. A place that you wish so desperately would open here. You see all the vacant spots and say "Oh, if ___________ opened here it would be a perfect spot."

For Beth, it's Sonic and she's made that clear a number of times. For Dave, Panda Express tops the list.

If you know me personally, you know what my top three are. It's a no brainer. But for those of you who don't have to listen to me talk about these three spots any time I hear about them, I figured I would lay it out for you.

 3 Restaurants That Should Open In Utica/Rome

1) Tully's

Credit: Google Maps

For the love of everything holy. My heart has been set on this for the past year. Back last summer at the State Fair, I spoke with management who told me they were looking into moving to New Hartford. I just about died. Since then, there's been no word about them opening a location. They were supposed to bring their food truck to a few different locations this summer, but canceled.

2) Chick-Fil-A

Alex Wong, Getty Images

There's something about indulging in Chick-fil-A sauce that makes you a new person. My first time tasting it, I recall how amazed I was and literally put it on EVERYTHING. Sandwiches, fries, nuggets. Luck for me, I found a dupe at Walmart that is very similar so I can go a little bit longer without needing to take a trip. But, it would be worth it.

3) Steak N' Shake

Credit: Vera H via Yelp

Listen, their food is pretty great but their milkshakes are OUT OF THIS WORLD! Hands down the best I've ever had. They have so many different amazing flavors and they're a great price. So many great memories have been had in my life at Steak N' Shake it would be amazing to have it around here.

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What restaurant would you like to like to see come to the area? Let me know inside the station app!

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