Things are different whether we are happy with the current state of the world or not. At multiple times of the day, I see people turning the concert of wearing masks into a political thing.

"The government is trying to control us."

"Why are they allowed to tell us what to do? We live in a free country it violates our rights."

I'm not arguing whether that is the case or not, and while everyone is entitled to their own opinion - I wanted to share my point of view.

Masks, although inconvenient, aren't the worst thing that could come out of this entire pandemic. Think of it like this - you could still be stuck at home, not allowed to go anywhere and do anything. The country or state could be facing a travel ban, where law enforcement could fine you if you were to leave your house. Things could be much worse.

I wear my mask, and don't complain about it, for three reasons.

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The first? It's pretty clear that you can pass the virus along whether or not you are displaying symptoms. Although I want to look out for myself, I want to look out for my loved ones as well. I haven't been tested for the virus, nor am I displaying symptoms, but that doesn't mean I don't have it. And I don't want to pass that along to another person.

Second, there's many people around me who I may not realize have medical issues. One of my co-workers could have a family member battling cancer. Or, my close friend could be taking care of an elderly parent or grandparent. I've been there with my grandfather, whom I choose to wear a mask around as well. Maybe the store associate your cashing out with has a child with a condition that affects their lungs, and they're working to keep food on the table. I'm wearing my mask for them.

And finally, I want our community to stay open. It breaks my heart that so many businesses have gone under because of COVID-19, and it breaks my heart that so many are struggling currently. I want to support them. I want our local economy to thrive and get back to the place where it was pre-this-insane-virus.

I wear my mask, ultimately, for others. We need to act with kindness, humility and be a community in times like these. Whether the virus is 'real' or 'not real' I'd rather be safe than sorry and protect as many as I can.

Let's look out for each other in a world that is so uncertain.

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