These days, Kelly Clarkson has one thing on her mind.  Babies.  Clarkson, who's expecting her first baby this spring, talks baby names, pregnancy and lots of wedding tears. 

31 year old Clarkson sat down with Ellen DeGeneres and talked babies, of course.  She's extremely anxious to know whether she's having a baby boy or girl and hopefully will know soon.  Next question?  Baby names.  Clarkson says she and her husband Brandon have already chosen a name which can be used for either a boy or girl.  Will it be some bizarre name like so many other celebs seem to choose?  No.

You won't guess it.  It's a random name.  But it's also not like....Blue Jazz.  It's not going to be a weird name.

Pregnancy has not been easy for Clarkson who's been suffering from  intense morning sickness.  If you've ever experienced morning sickness, you know exactly how awful it is.  Awful!   Forget that pregnancy glow.  Clarkson says she doesn't have the glow and her hair isn't lush and beautiful these day.  Rather it's falling out and she jokes that she wishes her baby would stop trying to kill her.

Don't get her wrong though, she's extremely happy to be pregnant.  Ask her about her wedding and she'll admit she bawled like a baby.  She and Brandon wrote their own vows and she couldn't get her vowels out.  Can it be that bad?  Yes, so bad that Clarkson's videographer hasn't even shown it to her yet.

Kelly, if you thought you cried a lot at your wedding, wait until you hold your baby for the first time.  Big time waterworks and there's not a thing wrong with that.