Congratulations to our Mom Of The Month Kelly Strong who was nominated by her daughter Molly.

Molly admires her mom's big heart, work ethic and sense of family. Kelly served in Desert Storm is a registered nurse at Faxton St. Luke's and a loving mom.  We hope Kelly uses the $200.00 gift card from Kinney Drugs to do something nice for herself.

Here's the note from Molly nominating her mom for Mom of the Month:

Our mother is not only a mother that looks after us and provides for us, our mother is a huge part of other people's lives as well. Our mother is a nurse, who cares for other people just as much as her own children. She has the hugest heart I know. If that isn't enough to make her the greatest mother in the world, the fact that she has served in Desert Storm ought to be or at least make her an outstanding citizen. Between running our younger brother to baseball practices and school, but working long overnight shifts sometimes 3 days in a row, she always finds time to be a caring and loving mother, even if that means losing hours of sleep each day. We can never thank her enough for how much she does for us!

Nominate your ‘Mom of the Month,’ and we’ll highlight one each month and all she does. For her hard work, mom will receive a $200 gift card to Kinney Drugs.

Bonus Video:

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