Congratulations to Sheri Stubba, this month's Mom of the Month. Sheri, who is from Poland, was nominated by her daughter-in-law, Stacey. Sheri is a selfless mother and grandmother, always putting her family's needs before her own. Here's what Stacey had to say when she nominated her mother-in-law:

I'd like to nominate my mother in law "Sheri" for mother of the month. You wouldn't know Sheri is my mother in law, you'd think she is my own mother. Four years ago my mother (my best friend) died. Sheri has been there for me every day since. She treats me just like her own child. Even though she lives right down the road, she calls in daily to check on her son, myself, and her granddaughter. She will come help me paint, move furniture, yard work, and anything else I ask her to help me with. She is also a great workout partner! If I'm sick she will offer to take my daughter or come take care of me. She always offers to take my daughter when I have errands to run, she rather Emma have fun and play with her than go grocery shopping with me.

Sheri will do this for all FOUR of her children too, not just me. She doesn't know the word "no". As all of her children and their spouses hold jobs, she is there to pick up ill grandchildren from school, run errands and anything else that’s ne eded. She will cancel her own plans to watch her grandchildren, so her children can go have fun. In the summer she is always willing to take all her grandchildren (SHE HAS SEVEN) every day that it is nice out to swim in her pool. Also, she has taught every single one of her grandchildren how to swim. She plans day trips with each and every one of her grandchildren throughout the year.

Sometimes I think her own children don't realize how much she actually does for them because she has done it for them their entire life, so they know no difference. (I don't mean this in a bad way). I'm just saying she has ALWAYS gone above and beyond for all of her children and grandchildren. In fact, I remember Sheri putting off hip surgery so she could have a graduation party for her youngest daughter. Even though she was in severe pain daily, she wanted to make sure her granddaughter had a nice memorable graduation party. I’d like to mention that Sheri still works fulltime at her own daycare. Her days always evolve around her daycare kids, her children, and her grandchildren. I tell her she needs to start doing for herself and using the word no once in a while, but she won’t. She always has and always will put her family before her own needs. She truly is one of the most loving and caring people I know. Not only does she keep her household running she helps her childrens too. I would greatly appreciate it if Central New York could recognize Sheri for the amazing mother, mother in law, and grandmother she is!!!!!

It's clear that Sheri has made a huge difference in the lives of her children, their spouses, and her grandchildren. To acknowledge all she does, Sheri is our 'Mom of the Month.' Sheri will receive a $200 Kinney gift card and have all her hard work recognized.



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