Probably the hardest decision for a child during the holidays - whether to take a gift for themselves, or give it to someone else. The younger generations may surprise you, though.

Get ready to break out the tissues - This one is really going to pull at the heart-strings. UP TV asked a group of children what they wanted for Christmas. Then they asked the group what their parents would want for Christmas.

The kids were given both gifts, but told that they could only take one of the gifts. Do they keep the present they wanted for themselves, or do they give up their gift so their parents can have something nice for Christmas?

Told ya, you were going to need those tissues. What an amazing group of kids - especially in the society we live in today, it's nice to see that greed, instant gratification and all that, hasn't corrupted all of the younger generations.

Way to go kids - and Merry Christmas!




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