There's always that one person on your holiday list that's SO difficult to shop for. They either have it all, or you don't really know what they would like. Well, here's some help.

Christmas presents

Some people are just a little hard to shop for - especially during the holiday season. Hopefully these gift ideas can help you, or at least spark some ideas for yourself.

 Hot Chocolate or Wine Gift Baskets

You should at least know whether the person you're buying for would prefer wine or hot chocolate - But if you're unsure, hot chocolate is always a safe bet. Besides, who doesn't like hot chocolate?! It may not be the most creative gift, but it is something, and it's something the majority of people will enjoy.

Car Care Gift Certificates

As long as the person you're buying for drives a car, this is always an easy go-to idea. Cars are always going to need oil changes, and car washes are always a nice idea. Put these two together, and you have a great gift that's decently priced, as well. Even a few gas cards are good, too.

 Movie Passes

Movie passes are always a great gift idea for someone who has everything. If you want to make it a 'bigger' gift, maybe add some gift certificates for candy or snacks, or make your own movie basket with popcorn and chocolates with the movie passes.

'It's a Utica Thing'

These are really nice, already made-up baskets, perfect for anyone who is proud to be from Utica (or who has visited Utica and loved it). The gift baskets include pastas and sauces, Utica Roasting Espresso, Italian products, a Charlie's Pizza gift certificate, and tons of other Utica-themed items. You can check out more on these holiday gift baskets here.

Cookies and Other Holiday Treats

If you're completely out of ideas, you can never go wrong with some homemade cookies and chocolates. It will take more time to prepare this gift, but in the end it's worth it. Make the gift even better by making a couple of different types of cookies, then put them in a festive container with a handwritten message.




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