What happens when you mix The Buffalo Bills and the best chicken wings in all of Central New York? You get the first ever Buffalo Bills Buffalo Wing Pool.

The Killabrew Saloon is celebrating Buffalo's recent wins with some wings. From Monday through Wednesday (1/13), every 20 wings purchased, you'll get to fill out a square on their wing pool.

Buy 20 wings, get 1 square.
...40 wings gets 2 squares.
...60 wings gets 3 squares, etc."

Once the pool is filled, The Killabrew will post the final sheet on social media with the scores.

Tune in for Saturday's game and if the last digit of the scores match your square, you win 20 free wings!"

To take part in this pool, you can dine in or takeout.

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Good news for Buffalo Bills fans and season ticket holders. The governor announced that fans will be allowed to attend the next playoff game on Saturday night. According to WGNA, Governor Andrew Cuomo said in his press conference yesterday that because the first playoff game in Orchard Park between the Buffalo Bills and the Indianapolis Colts was a success allowing sixty-seven hundred fans inside the stadium, they will be allowing fans in this weekend too.

The second playoff game between the Buffalo Bills and the Baltimore Ravens will take place on Saturday, January, 18th at 8pm. The governor said that the same amount of fans will be allowed in for this game as well. So sixty-seven hundred die-hard Bills fans will be able to cheer on their team.

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