The delicious, cheesy goodness that is Velveeta actually got its start in New York.

Near the southern portion of New York state, in Orange County, you'll find a small town called Monroe. The town is the birthplace of Velveeta cheese. Monroe is also known for Liederkranz cheese, which was the American version of Limburger cheese.

It was back in 1918 when a young Swiss cheesemaker named Emil Frey created Velveeta at the Monroe Cheese Company. In 1923, "The Velveeta Cheese Company" became a separate business. Shortly after that in 1927, the Velveeta Cheese Company was sold to Kraft Foods.

Every year, in honor of the cheesy goodness that started in Monroe, there is a cheese festival. The festival includes live music, demonstrations, different vendors and crafts, contests, and of course food (You can't have a cheese festival without cheese).

Oh, and just a little fun fact for you... Do you know where the name "Velveeta" comes from? Apparently, it refers to the "velvety smooth edible product," which is what Velveeta is.

So the next time you make your own homemade nachos, or a delicious grilled cheese with slices of Velveeta inside, remember that Velveeta is originally a New York thing.




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