Time and time again, I've seen this happen.  The location varies.  Could be the grocery store, the mall, a department store or at the park.  Women who does this with their handbags drive me crazy.

Exactly what is it?  Leaving a handbag unattended while shopping or doing something else.  So many times I've passed a shopping cart with a purse in it while the purse's owner is half way down the aisle looking at something on the shelf.   Or it's left unattended in a cart while she's trying on clothes or shoes.    Or it's left in the car in plain sight for all to see.  Why do women do this?  In the blink of an eye, someone could walk away with your purse and then the headache really begins.  Trying to replace stolen ID, credit cards and losing photos that are treasured is such a hassle.  This happened recently to a friend of mine.  Last year, over 11 million Americans had their identities stolen.  Don't make it easier for that to happen by not keeping your purse safe!