Next week, 'Law & Order: SVU' will air an episode inspired by Rihanna and Chris Brown's domestic abuse case, in which Brown assaulted Rihanna before the 2009 Grammys.

The episode, entitled 'Funny Valentine,' is suspiciously timed, considering the worrying couple it's based on is now back together, having publicly canoodled at this year's Grammys and on RiRi's birthday earlier this week.

The 'SVU' promo refers to the episode as “a familiar story of two celebrities, intertwined by abuse. But get ready for the 'Law & Order' twist."

In this case, the twist seems to be that the faux-Rihanna ends up dead. A possible reminder of what can happen when abuse goes unchecked.

The not-explicitly-stated-but-obviously-based-on-Rihanna-and-Breezy episode will air on NBC on Feb. 27. Let the drinking games commence.