I will admit, I am an overly emotional person. I cry when I'm hungry sometimes. I cry when even the littlest sad thing happens on a television show. I wear my heart on my sleeve and it is evident to anyone I meet. I also happy cry, which is when I am filled with so much joy that I weep and my tear ducts well up.

Well, that moment happened to me on my birthday this year - when I was on vacation in Mexico. I celebrated with my best friend, Marissa, my mom and her boyfriend in Cancun. We left last Saturday, and the trip was filled with SO much adventure.

I have always had a love for all animals. Pigs are my favorite. But, I never knew just how much joy one specific animal brought to me, until I had the opportunity to interact with one on my birthday.

We traveled to Maroma Adventures in Rivera Maya on Thursday morning (the 20th, my birthday.) Maroma provides some of the best tours and excursions in Mexico, all in one convenient location. They have everything from riding ATVs on the beach, to deep sea fishing and more! But I wanted the experience of a lifetime, to swim with one of the cutest aquatic animals ever (in my opinion,) DOLPHINS!!

Kaylin Swims With Dolphins

If you ever get the opportunity to swim with a dolphin, I highly recommend it. I've never felt so much joy that compares to what I felt while interacting with this precious creature. It makes a great birthday present, that's for sure.

Have you ever done something that made you so happy you cried?

BONUS: Here's a photo of my mom. She makes the best facial expressions.

Credit: Kaylin/TSM
Credit: Kaylin/TSM

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