It's official! Moving on to week four of this 'new approach' - cutting back. So how did week three go? Did I mess up at all? Or was I able to keep it together?

Week three of the Quitting Smoking Challenge proved itself to be tough. Like, really tough. There were some days that I ran out of cigarettes early in the day, and forced myself to make it through the night hours without any (which proves it's possible to go without). But there was one day - one day I didn't follow the rules. One day I smoked more than the 'allowed' six.

The most important thing though, is to NEVER STOP QUITTING. I could have given up after I messed up (which I like to do), but I didn't. The journey continues...

A big shout-out to all of you that are following 'The Quitting Smoking Challenge.' And for those who are joining in and/or sharing their quitting smoking stories. Hearing other people's stories, and getting tips and tricks is really inspiring, and really helps. Keep 'em coming!




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