Is it a lighthouse or a post office here in New York State? It's actually both.

It not only looks unusual, but it's also nowhere near any water. The Post Office is located on River Road in Eaton New York. The lighthouse itself is an artifact of a Tower Gas Station once at the same spot. How many Tower built, and how many are still standing, is unknown. We do know of this spot here in Upstate New York.

Across New York State, there were a large number of Tower Gas Stations with lighthouses. You would have found them in the communities of Sherburne, Cooperstown, Binghamton, Eaton, Endicott, Watertown, Roscoe, Saratoga Springs, Roscoe and Kings Ferry.

Unfortunately, historic photographs of many of the former Tower Gas Stations seem to have been lost in the pages of time. Some of the Tower Gas Station lighthouse facsimiles have been destroyed, while a few still stand, but are no longer being used as a gas station."

Either way, a lighthouse post office is pretty cool.


Have You Seen The Sears Oil Co. Gas Station Museum In Rome?

Sears Oil Co. Gas Station Museum
Sears Oil Co. Gas Station Museum

In the city of Rome, you will find a family-owned, fully-restored 1930 gas station two blocks from Ft. Stanwix in downtown.

Come visit a one of a kind completely restored 1929 Historic Service Station. Nowhere will you find such an authentic restoration. Come visit us and relive the memories of a simpler time. This was an era when the owners and operators took pride in servicing the public and architecture."

The museum is open to the public May 15th - September 15th, Monday - Friday 10:00AM - 4:00PM. It's also open September 16th - May14th by appointment. If you want more info, you can call Pat Corbett at 315-336-0527.

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