Not all heroes wear capes - some are just called 'Mom'. This month, Linda Thurston of Whitesboro joins the Super Mom Squad - because she deserves to have her accomplishments celebrated.

Here's what Linda is proud of, as a Mom - in her own words:

My son is now 20 he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 11. Two weeks before he started 6 grade at the middle school...thru all ups and downs he has learned to manage his disease. He is insulin dependent several times a day, and never lets it keep him down. It makes me so proud of him that he has over came this disease. It was harder for me than him.

Congratulations Linda - you're a Super Mom - doing what you have to do for your family and raising a son who has overcome some big obstacles. We want to celebrate you!

We don't have a magical cape, but Linda does get a $200 gift card to Kinney Drugs where she can choose from a variety of items to brighten her day. Congratulations Linda! 

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