Reports have been swirling that Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club and nightclub could be in jeopardy along with her MTV reality show based on her businesses in Mykonos, Greece.

"The show was moving in a new direction," Lohan tells ET in a statement. "Perhaps not enough drama in my life for reality TV formula (as that's not where I am in my life). And, as for the club, we are simply moving the focus to a brand-new and exciting location in Athens and so a new location and partnership to be announced in [Mykonos]. It's all positive."

Earlier this week, a report from Paige Six was released that stated Lohan would not get a second season of her reality show after her ratings have declined since the premiere of the show in January. The outlet also said that the telephone line listed for the business on TripAdvisor is out of commission. The report then goes on to share that visitors who drove by the property saw that Lohan's name was stripped off of the sign and when people tried to make reservations for the club they were told it "[would not] be opening this season."

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