The 27-year-old actress explained to the OWN network that the reason why she'd missed some filming days for the reality show 'Lindsay' was because she had suffered a miscarriage. We're sorry for your loss Lindsay.

CNN reports:

During the docuseries, one of the plot points that emerged was Lohan's inconsistency with showing up for work. But as she explained on Sunday's finale episode, it was because she was unable to.

Lindsay left rehab in July 2013 and then moved to New York City where she has been trying to clean up her life and repair her career. Many suspect that this process is not going as planned.

She says that when you watch her series, you'll get the feeling that, yeah, I can relate to that. Thanks to the Oprah Winfrey Network, here is some video of that series.

We wish you all the best Lindsay.


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