A new host joins the Lite 98.7 More Music Morning Show. As we welcome JR to our station, we put him on the spot to answer some ridiculous questions - as fast as he can.

It's hard enough being new to an area (although JR is originally from Central New York), but Naomi Lynn decided to have some fun. What could be more fun than putting someone on the spot, asking them questions, and having them think as fast as they can?

The questions start off nice and easy - things like "What's your favorite color," and "Spring or fall?" But Naomi wasn't going to let JR off the hook that easy. She started throwing in some ridiculous questions like, "If you were someone else, would you be friends with yourself," and "What's two things you can't live without?"

How well did JR do? Was he quick on his feet? Check out his answers (and all of the ridiculous questions) in the video above.

Welcome to Lite 98.7 JR, and good luck putting up with Naomi Lynn in the mornings!