Sometimes we need to take a step back and see life through a child's eyes to remember what's really important.

Melanie Lamphere is a five-year-old girl who knows what's important in life. Just in time for the holiday season, she did the sweetest, most selfless thing - That reminds us to think of others before ourselves. That's what the holiday season is about, right?

Melanie's grandfather had just been diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. Now, Melanie is too young to understand how sick her grandfather is, but she does understand that he hasn't been feeling good lately.

The young girl got the chance to meet Santa Claus and tell him what she wanted for Christmas. Instead of asking for toys, a new doll, or anything like that, she asked for one thing. Melanie asked Santa "to make her poppy feel better." That's all she wanted for the holidays - She didn't even ask for a single thing for herself.

What a wonderful little girl, thinking of other people's needs before her wants. Sometimes as adults we forget to put others before ourselves, but this girl reminds us to do just that.

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