In this week's '98 Seconds' video, Naomi Lynn finally tries turkey joints. It only took her two years to get around to it!

Ah, turkey joints - Another Central New York staple... that sometimes gets forgotten about. We're quick to ask people who are new to the area if they've tried chicken riggies, half moon cookies, or Utica greens. For some reason though, we sometimes forget to mention "turkey joints."

Naomi has heard about these delicious treats for quite some time now, but just hasn't ever gotten around to trying them. She even bought them last year during the holidays and sent them to her family back in Michigan so they could try a Central New York favorite - Her family got to try them before she even did!

But that all changed today! Naomi finally tried them. She did need help, though. She had to grab a native Central New Yorker because she wasn't sure how to eat the treats. How could she not be sure how to eat a turkey joint?? Well, you can see why she was confused in the video above. You can also see what she thought about this CNY original.



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