Recently Buzzfeed released a video featuring their picks for the weirdest things in all 50 states. Of all the odd things in New York, they chose the 'Upside Down Bridge' in Lockport as the weirdest thing in New York State.

The Upside Down bridge carries train tracks over the Erie Canal in Lockport, the seat of Niagara County in Western New York.

According to,

The bridge was referred to as the "Upside-Down Bridge" because as a deck truss, it looks like a through truss positioned upside-down. The bridge was rumored to have been built as such by the railroad to limit the size of boats that could use the Erie canal, and try to put the canal out of business. The validity of this legend is uncertain.

New York must have a thing about upside down infrastructure. The city of Syracuse includes an upside down traffic light (green on top, red on bottom) at the corner of Milton Ave and Tompkins Street in the Tipperary Hill neighborhood.

The full Buzzfeed Video of 'The 50 Weirdest Things In All 50 States'

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