BuzzFeed has created a video to prove a lot of the stereotypes about Upstate New York are completely wrong. Once again, they have outdone themselves.

There are tons of stereotypes all about New York - especially when it comes to Upstate New York. Whether others think we all only shop at Price Shopper and Wegmans, or the fact that 'Upstate New York' means just above New York City - those are just some of the stereotypes you've probably heard being from New York. You may have heard them from friends and family in other states, or even from other New Yorkers!

Well, BuzzFeed wanted to disprove those stereotypes by creating a video, 'I'm From Upstate New York, But I'm Not...' The video includes interviews from people in Utica, Rochester, and even Potsdam - and they break the stereotypes of being from Upstate New York (and some of them are pretty funny).


I'm From Upstate New York, But I'm Not...

Posted by BuzzFeed on Thursday, November 5, 2015


What do you think? Did BuzzFeed do a good job of breaking these stereotypes, or did they make fun of them a little too much?




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