One Australian man just used a sort-of romantic song in his very romantic wedding proposal — and he filmed the production so we can all enjoy it.

The lyrics to "Rude," Magic!'s 2014 hit, are about a man asking his girl's dad for his blessing before he proposes. When he's denied, he deems this response impolite and tells the father that it was just a formality, so now he'll steal her away "to another galaxy, you know / You know she's in love with me / She will go anywhere I go." Which is also kind of rude, to say that to her parent? Regardless: The song's ultimate message is that true love conquers all.

Liam Cooper took that message to heart, deciding to use the song to soundtrack his elaborately-planned proposal to his high school sweetheart. Cooper explains the premise for the slick video, titled "Project Magic," on his YouTube page: "When I decided I wanted to propose to my girlfriend Amy, I wanted it to be something pretty special and something she'd never see coming..."

Mission accomplished. Cooper herded all of their friends into a movie theater, where the crowd (including Amy) watched a video starring Liam and a man who we can assume is Amy's dad enact a literal interpretation of the song's lyrics. The action in the video above is interspersed with sweet footage of the event and the proposal itself.

Oh, and MAGIC! definitely approves of the newly-betrothed couple's use of their song in the video — stick around until the very end of the clip for a special message from the band.

A quick Public Service Announcement: While many people find this type of proposal romantic, it's important to first ask — super casually, of course — how your significant other feels about being the center of attention in such a major life moment. I once witnessed a man pop the question to his girlfriend at a Brooklyn bar in front of friends and strangers, and she had the forced smile/unsmiling eyes of someone who wants to melt into the floor. It was painfully awkward for all involved. Soundtracked productions are great, but a quiet candlelit dinner still totally works too!

Congratulations to the happy couple, and may they enjoy a lifetime of reggae-influenced adult contemporary together.

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