Utica's own Leon Etienne will be bringing his 'Magic Rocks' show back to Turning Stone Resort Casino this October.

You may remember when Leon Etienne became a national success after his run on season eight of America's Got Talent. Unfortunately, his act known as "Leon and Romy" (on the show), didn't win the grand prize, but the exposure has made him a well-known illusionist. Leon has also performed on the TV show "Penn and Teller's Fool Us."

It's been quite some time since Leon has been in our area for a show, but he's bringing his "Magic Rocks" illusion act back to Turning Stone Resort Casino for two shows. The first one will be held Saturday, October 20th at 3pm at the Showroom at Turning Stone. The second show is the same day, but at 7pm. Tickets are available now for both events and range from $24 to $34. You can get more details on both shows and get your tickets by visiting: TurningStone.com. You can also find tickets through: Ticketmaster.com

While Leon Etienne performed on America's Got Talent, he was a strong voice for the City of Utica, and was proud to announce that this is where he's from. In an interview we did with him on Lite 98.7 (back in 2015), he told us it's because there are not only so many great businesses in our area, but there are also so many great performers, artists, bands, and groups that come out of this area, and it deserves to be mentioned. He told us that a lot of times, he would be misquoted as from Syracuse (because it's a more nationally-recognized area), but he would always try to correct those people and say, "No, I'm from Utica." Which is pretty cool, to have a person who is known across the country, who isn't just proud to be from Utica, but wants to show off that fact.




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