An Illinois man was arrested after allegedly breaking into a restaurant and making himself some dinner. I guess two lessons to learn before making the jump: 1) Burglary is never a good idea. 2) If you're going to rob a restaurant, don't worry about making yourself a meal, maybe focus on something else.

Here's the story, officers responded to an alarm at Mr. Beef and Pizza in Mount Prospect. That's where they found 19 year old Hachem Gomez inside the restaurant, cooking himself a meal.

According to police, Gomez broke into the restaurant through the drive-thru window. Surveillance video also showed Gomez damaging a cash register, pouring himself a soda, and then putting chicken tenders and fries into the microwave. Everyone likes a good Chicken Tender with their stolen cash right?

No word on whether Gomez was under the influence of anything, other than hunger.