How ironic, someone from another state wins your state lottery when you can use the money the most. According to ABC News, John Turner who runs National Catastrophe Solutions of Chicago, a local water removal business, was just trying to help clean up areas of his hometown when he hit it big-time.
He and his staff traveled to the Northeast to help the distressed owners of flooded homes, including some at no charge, and last week it appears his good deed paid off. On Sunday when John had finished a long day of cleaning up in New Jersey when he bought a Championship Poker scratch ticket. The ticket turned out to be a winner for $100,000.

"I was overjoyed and had tears in my eyes. I'm still just trying to take it all in."

He said he plans to invest some money in his business, with the rest going to good causes.

"A portion of it, we're going to donate it to someone or some family that's in need."

Congratulations John and thanks for giving back.

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