The man responsible for dumping water on a homeless man in a CNY Dunkin Donuts is now coming forward to apologize.

The incident took place at the North Salina Street Dunkin' in Syracuse. The video, posted by Samuel Breazeal on Facebook, shows a worker at Dunkin Donuts dumping water on a man identified as Jeremy Dufresne, while another individual (or individuals) laugh in the background.

In an interview with, Shakeen Robbins admitted was friendly with Dufresne up until five days before the incident happened. Robbins, who is 28 with a fiancee and two small children, says he was homeless five years ago. When he started working at the Dunkin' about four months ago, he wanted to help Dufresne. They would talk when the business wasn't busy. He would try to find him on the streets to bring him food, offered to bring him to a shelter, offered to help him find a job. Dufresne declined help.

Robbins said he's tried to wake up Dufresne while asleep five times before this incident and he didn't move or acknowledge him. On Sunday, when Dufresne appeared to be sleeping, again, Robbins was already frustrated having dealt with other issues in the Dunkin location. This, lead to his decision.

Does his apology seem authentic to you? He says he instantly regretted pouring water on Dufresne. He did not post the video to Facebook and it was not him laughing. His coworker who videoed it did. Once he realized it was up, he asked the coworker to take it down.

"I would like to apologize ... to let him know I never viewed him as a lesser person," Robbins said to "Let us try to figure out how to work through it."

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