Many people have experienced sleep paralysis, and when Mike Pike did, he decided to set up a camera to try to figure out what's happening. When reviewing the video he noticed a shadow on the wall. Is it a video capture of a ghost or is it some sorta hoax? You decide.

Mike tells Above Top Secret:

The next night I felt a dark presence in my room but I didn't see anything this time. So the night after, out of fearful curiosity, I decided to leave my light on and set up my video camera to record through the night.

What I have found has scared the crap out of me, but also made me think that what I saw was real! I nearly missed it on the video but I noticed a small spike in the audio signal so I looked at that part of the footage. Hear is what I saw...

I found this video amazing and I had to share it with you. As far as my opinion goes, I'm intrigued yet, I'd love to hear what you think about this ghost...or hoax.

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