During an investigation of the Herkimer Courthouse the long rumored shadow apparition said to haunt the building was captured on camera.

The Herkimer Courthouse was constructed in 1873 but became a sensation as the site of the 1906 trial of Chester Gillette. Since that time there have been accounts of apparitions that stalking the courtroom re-enacting the Grace Brown murder committed by Chester Gillette. While the courthouse is still in-use by the Herkimer County Sheriff's Department, the accounts of haunting activity still abounds. Personal Accounts from deputies and court-workers include seeing the apparition of Chester Gillette's attorney walking the halls, moving objects, phantom footsteps and even the sounds of a trial replaying in the courtroom.

During an investigation of the building a fleeting figure was captured in a couple of photos but more importantly, in addition to a number of EVPs of voices and even what sound like the sounds of a trial, the reported shadow apparition was captured on video in the courtroom that walking from chamber doors on the right to the judges' bench before turning back and quickly 'folding down and away.'

Shadow Chasers

 Context: The Footage is shot in night vision with infrared lights and a supporting 'laser net' projected at the wall. There are no visible lights used. In the sequence below an IR light sweeps across a sitting team member but does not create the same shadow that moves across the room.

Shadow Chasers

[Contributed by NY Shadowchasers]